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Raw (Beau Sels)

“Beautiful Salt” in French.  These oysters won ‘Oyster of the Year’ at the North Carolina Seafood Festival.

2.5in to 3in

Flavor profile

Ripe Summer Melon with cucumber and a crisp, high saline finish

Green-gill Oysters (Sea Monsters)

Some of the most unique oysters in the world.  During the winter months, a special blue-green algae blooms in small areas of the North Carolina coast.  This algae stains our oyster’s gills green, creating a delicious, beautiful piece of rare art.


Flavor profile

Lemongrass with dark, leafy vegetable notes.  Citrus and extremely clean brine at the end.

Grill / Steam / Roast (Native Sons)

Large are full-bodied.  These oysters are grown in low salinity farms across North Carolina then brought to us to enhance the flavor and salt.

3.5in to 5in

Flavor profile

Plump, buttery, and very salty.  Perfect for cooking over a fire

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