Oysters Carolina takes sustainability to new heights.

Our oyster come fresh straight from the farm on Cape Lookout and Harkers Island

Oysters Carolina is dedicated to providing the people of North Carolina with the freshest shellfish in the state.  All of our oysters are pulled from the water the day they are delivered directly to you. Our award-winning oysters are also consistently rated one of the saltiest in the entire U.S. with an average salinity of 31ppt-33ppt.  North Carolina has the best shellfish and Oysters Carolina has the freshest.


Oysters Carolina takes sustainability to new heights


Though oyster farming is notoriously demanding, we decided to up the degree of difficulty.  Oysters Carolina refuses to use a motor-powered boat to reach the farm, instead relying on kayaks.  We don’t use a davit – or any other mechanical contraption – to lift the hefty oyster cages; only arm strength.  Even using plastic is frowned upon